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Agra Fort is a Historical Place and a Tourist Attraction which is Located just 2.5 km Away from the Taj Mahal. It is located in the City of Agra, This Fort is Known as the Replica of the Mughal Empire, Because They ruled almost for about 200 Years and Later were taken by Maratha Empire.

The Fort Attracts almost 10 Million Tourists Every Year. The Construction Material used for Red Fort is very Unique in the World, It is the Red Sand Stone.


This Fort is Built for Akbar, The Mughal Emperor and Ruler, The Construction Started in the Year 1565 and Completed in the Year 1573, It Took Almost 8 years to Complete this wonderful Fort.

There was a Pre Existed Building in the Place of Agra Fort built by the Lodhi Dynasty, King Sikandar Lodhi was an Afghan, and the Fort was known as Badhalgarh.

Soon After Lodhi came into power he moved the Capital Status from Delhi to Agra, Between 1504-1526. After the Battle of Panipat 1526, Mughal Rulers Won and Captured Badhal Garh and Built Red Fort with Red Sand Stone almost Mughal Emperors ruled Red Fort from 1526 to 1540.

In 1530 Humayun was Crowned as a King in 1530 and he continued to be a ruler and Later in 1540 Humayun was Defeated by Sher Shah Suri and the Dynasty went into the Hands of Suri Dynasty.

Later in 1555 Humayun Succesfully Re Captured it from Suri and From then Almost till 1785 it was ruled by heirs of the Mughal Empire, The Most Famous ruled was by Shah Jahan, Where he built the Taj Mahal for his Wife Mumtaz begum and also Sheesh Mahal, The Bath House for Mumtaz is built-in Agra Fort.

In 1785 it went into the hands of the Maratha empire till 1803. Later from 1803 till Independence (1947), it was under the Ruled of the British Empire.


The structure of the citadel displays the three most important dynasties. This citadel is widely recognized for pride, strength, and resilience considering that historical time.

This citadel resembles the lavish lifestyles of Mughals. The citadel is built with elite factors like Belgian glass and top-class sandstone etc.

This is a crucial instance that Hinduism and Islam flourished aspect through aspect all through the historical times. This Islamic shape has many Hindu temples. Due to its literacy factors and beauty, many students from Central a part of Asia and the Middle East are keen to go to this place.


Built with Unique Stone like Red Sandstone, There is a Step Well which is Carved in a special Way, The Interiors and Exteriors of Hall are Spectacular, The Carving and the Craftsmen Ship done by the Workers are really Ultimate.

There is Sheeshmahal, It is the Bath Place of Mumtaz Begum, The Place is built with small Holes filled with very small mirrors, All these mirrors and Craftsmen were brought from Syria.

Whenever light is lit up, It reflects with Thousands of Reflections like a Spark. The Acoustic of Room is designed in such a way that whenever a sound is made it comes out like Music. Horticulture is maintained well.

Agra Fort is also on the Banks of the Yamuna River. There are many great Monuments like Jahangir’s Hauz, Shahjahani Mahal, Ghazni Gate, Jharoka, Sheesh Mahal. Agra Fort is Spread around 94 Acres of Land.

Agra Fort Tourism

The Visitors who come to visit the Taj Mahal also Come and Visit Agra Fort because it is just 2.5 km Away from the Taj Mahal, They Take the help of Tourist buses or Electric vehicles to Reach Agra Fort.

This place is also open on Fridays unlike the Taj Mahal is completely Closed on Fridays.

The Tickets will be provided by the Archeological Survey of India, Earlier it was offline, But Now due to Covid Effect it is completely Online, The Ticket Price for Indians is 40rs and For Foreign Tourists it is 550 to 600 rs. Book the tickets online at the Given Link Below.

Climate Effect

The burning of Tyres, Polluted Water, and poisonous Gases has been the main problem for River Yamuna, This has been constantly affecting the walls of the Fort and weakening the walls.

But ASI has been continuously taking care and renovating from time to Time, Except few bricks damage nothing has been changed or affected to Agra Fort by Climate Change.

Best Season

You can visit Agra Fort round the Year, But few Seasons particularly enhance the beauty of the Monument. During Summers the Dry Climate pulls up high winds which are filled with Dust.

But During Monsoon or Winter, The Lands will be Wet and the Cool and Breezy Climate makes the Look of the Building perfect. The Best Time to Visit will be between August to February.

Unesco WHS

Unesco declared World Heritage Status for Agra Fort in the Year 1983 along with Taj Mahal Because it represents the Indo Islamic Architecture and Unique Interior and Exterior Designs of Mahals and Stepwell in the Fort.

Agra Fort Travel Route

Agra is 250kms Far From New Delhi, Direct Flights are available to New Delhi, There is also a domestic airport in Agra only services are available to Delhi in Irregular Timings, So There are Two Ways,

  1. To directly reach Delhi via Flight
  2. From Delhi to Agra Flight.

There are Many Trains to Agra and Delhi, Some of the Trains Reach Delhi and Then to Agra

Buses are Direct to Agra.

Agra Fort Travel Cost.

International Flight to Delhi Costs about 1000$ Depending Upon the Country. Book Here

National Flights are up to 5000 Rs.

Train Cost is 1200 Rs. Book Here

Bus Ticket is about 2300 Rs. Book Here

Timings of Agra Fort

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Accommodations near Agra Fort

Many Hotels within a Budget of 2000 Rs are available in OYO and

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