Ahmedabad is the Largest city in Gujarath, Earlier it was the Capital City of Gujarath, Later it was changed to Gandhi Nagar, Ahmedabad is an Industrial Hub and it recorded the fastest growth rate in GDP.

There are many groups of Monuments in Ahmedabad also the beautification of the River Sabarmati and Transforming it into a Tourist Place is a Great achievement of Gujarath Municipal Corporation. This is the First City in India to be granted UNESCO World Heritage Status in 2017.


The Human Settlement in Ahmedabad has been since the 11th Century and that time it was called Ashaval because it was ruled by great king Ashaval, Later King Karna the ruler of Modern-day Patan defeated Ashaval and established a city called Karnavathi.

In the 14th Century, Gujarath came into the hands of the Delhi Sultanate, The King named Muzzaffar Shah 1 and at last, it came under the control of his grandson Ahmed Shah, Then he renamed this city as Ahmedabad in 1411AD.


There are many Monuments in Ahmedabad, The City is well Planned and the water source is the Sabarmati River, The City Municipal Corporation decided to clean and beautify the River flowing through the city, During summers the river uses to dry up.

They made plans of Catching the rainwater and made it into the Sabarmati River Front, In this attempt, they have diverted Narmada river water to the Sabarmati river in order to keep the water full even in summer. Also, City is divided into east and west regions, To Connect both places 9 Bridges are played.

Many Architectural changes have happened during the rule of Narendra Modi between 2001-14, Like beautification of lakes, Town Planning, water conservation, and also Railway Station modifications and also the only place in India where you can see separate Road Lane for Buses (BRTS Roads) is in Ahmedabad.


Ahmedabad has a very proud City, Because it is the World’s First Indian City to be granted World Heritage Site status in July 2017, Because of its Group of Ancient Monuments and also the Development of Sabarmati Water Front and Recent Infrastructure Developments made UNESCO grant status based on Culture and Heritage.

Best Season to Visit

Ahmedabad City has many beauties, All these places good more clear and beautiful during Monsoon and winter seasons. The Best season to visit between August to February.

Climate Effect

The climate of Ahmedabad is a hot and semi-arid climate, Many buildings are of during Mughal Empire period, Only a few damages have happened due to climate change, But the effect of climate change has been Minimal.

Entry Ticket Cost

There is nothing specific like entry ticket, Entire Ahmedabad is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, So personal transportation is suggested and you can travel using Taxi or Bus or also you can rent a two-wheeler and explore the city.

Covid 19 Restrictions

India as of May 2021 is witnessing almost 4 Lakh cases per day, As a part of reducing the effect, LockDown has been imposed in Gujarath, and Temporarily all places are closed for Visiting.

Travel Route

Ahmedabad is a capital city of Gujarat, There are all ways of Transport to city , There are Train Routes, Bus Routes , and Also International Flights to Ahmedabad