Have you seen the Movie Avatar directed by the World Famous James Cameron which came in 2010, The Movie is just wonderful, and no movie up till now has come to beat the Visual Wonder of Avatar. But many people were awestruck by the Flying Mountains and dragons on the Cliff. Many Appreciated the Farsighted vision of James Cameron and the art director, But very few know these are the Real-Life Inspiration Mountains.

Yes, Billion years ago due to tectonic uplift and water erosion these mountains are formed, After the movie, These Mountains became popular as Avatar Mountains as it only looks Vertical and separated, Just Like in the Movie avatar.

Wulingyuan Geography

The Pillar-shaped mountains are formed due to Techtonic uplift and water erosion which happened million years ago. This is now made as a National Park and open to tourists. These Mountains are located in Zhangjiajie City, Which is 270 km away from Changsa. The National park is spread around 690 Sq Km and comes under Wulingyuan Mountain Range.

The Mountain pillars are quartzite sandstone pillars and of 3400ft high.


This is a natural formed site, So Under Natural Category, UNESCO Granted World Heritage Site Status in 1992.

Wulingyuan Travel Route