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Have you seen the Movie Avatar directed by the World Famous James Cameron which came in 2010, The Movie is just wonderful, and no movie up till now has come to beat the Visual Wonder of Avatar. But many people were awestruck by the Flying Mountains and dragons on the Cliff. Many Appreciated the Farsighted vision of James Cameron and the art director, But very few know these are the Real-Life Inspiration Mountains.

Yes, Billion years ago due to tectonic uplift and water erosion these mountains are formed, After the movie, These Mountains became popular as Avatar Mountains as it only looks Vertical and separated, Just Like in the Movie avatar.

Wulingyuan Geography

Wulingyuan, a scenic region in the northwestern part of Hunan Province, become unknown till the 1970s, while Chinese grasp painter Wu Guanzhong got here upon the region through chance.

Wu becomes inquisitive about the lovely scenery. “This area is a brilliant pearl, unknown by the intensity of the mountains,” he sighed. In the 1980s, the region has become well-known and become named Wulingyuan due to its vicinity in Wuling Mountain. Wulingyuan began out as a sizable sea a few one hundred million years ago.

The actions of nature over the years grew to become the region right into a tract of land with lofty peaks and deep ravines, included through plant life and now-historical cypresses. The quartz and sandstone peaks range in shapes, towering one subsequent to another, and streams wind their manner via secluded ravines.

Wulingyuan’s price in herbal and medical research and its virgin, wild splendor have given the region an area at the listing of global-wide herbal historical past sites

The Pillar-shaped mountains are formed due to Techtonic uplift and water erosion which happened million years ago. This is now made as a National Park and open to tourists. These Mountains are located in Zhangjiajie City, Which is 270 km away from Changsa. The National park is spread around 690 Sq Km and comes under Wulingyuan Mountain Range.

The Mountain pillars are quartzite sandstone pillars and of 3400ft high.

Beautiful Sights

The Wulingyuan Scenic Area includes 3 parts: Zhangjiajie National Park, Suoxiyu Nature Reserve, and Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve. Wulingyuan is understood for 5 unrivaled beauties: its exceptional peaks, its strangely fashioned stones, its deep and secluded ravines, its waters, and its limestone caves.

Among the various attractions in Wulingyuan, the peaks of quartz and sandstone are the maximum spectacular. In a place of 360 rectangular kilometers, there are greater than 3,000 peaks, of which 1,000 rise four hundred meters above sea level.

They stand one subsequent to any other like bamboo shoots, fantastic, grotesque, lofty, and elegant. There are greater than eighty excessive plateaus on Tianzi Mountain and in Zhangjiajie National Park in which possible revel in the splendor of such peaks because the Heavenly Maiden Presents Flowers, the Arhat, and the Long Scroll of the West Sea.

The many peaks without names also can arouse the viewer’s imagination. After rain or on wet days, the peaks in Wulingyuan are enveloped via way of means of clouds and fog, making them even greater enchanting, elegant, and mysterious. Summer is the high-quality season for seeing Wulingyuan, and Tianzi Mountain is the high-quality area for playing the sight of the fog-enveloped peaks

Wulingyuan Climate and Places

Wulingyuan additionally has many limestone caves. The maximum well-known are the Yellow Dragon, the Goddess of Mercy, the Singing Water, the Turtle’s Home, the Flying Clouds, and the Golden Snail.

The Yellow Dragon Cave, withinside the Suoxi Ravine, is 7.5 kilometers long. In the cave, there may be a small pond, rivers, 3 waterfalls, 4 pools, thirteen halls, and ninety-six corridors. Scenic wonders withinside the cave consist of the Bell Rings Among Ice, the Path Sandwiched via way of means of Bamboo Grooves, and the Dance inside the Dragon Palace.

Dense forests, together with untouched virgin forests, cowl 97.9 percentage of the scenic location of Wulingyuan. Here, you could locate such plant life as metasequoias, ginkgoes, lobster flowers, and dove timber, and such animals as pheasants, pangolins, monkey-confronted eagles, red-billed leiothrixes, macaques, and massive salamanders.

In the early 1980s, scientists explored Wulingyuan and defined the location as a shelter and gene pool for plant life. The Wulingyuan Scenic Area has enough rain and moderate weather with neither warm summers nor bloodless winters. The annual imply temperature is 15°C (59°F), imparting favorable situations for plant life and animals.

Scientific Reasons For Formation

Wulingyuan and its environment is a karst landscape. Karsts are tough rocky bodies, normally the scale and form of small hills/mountains, however, sometimes, they’re steep pillars like withinside the Zhangjiajie area. Karst landscapes are shaped overloads of tens of thousands and thousands of years.

Formation takes place as continental plates are elevated. In the case of Asia, the elevation takes place due to the fact the Indian Continental Plate is going for walks into the Eurasian Continental plate. As the Indian plate slides below the Eurasian plate, the Eurasian plate rises up.

The Softer earth erodes as the continental plate rises up. Karsts arise in tropical and monsoon climates due to this erosion. As the sediment and free earth flow downhill, the tremendous tough rocks that have been as soon as below the floor turned out to be exposed. The big rocks sticking out of the floor like pillars or mountains, and that they turn out to be karsts.

Must-Visit Places

Avatar Mountains

Avatar Mountains is located at the west part of Wulingyuan, in Yuanjiajie. These are Called Avatar Mountains only after it has resemblances of the Movie Avatar. James Cameron also in an interview said that the inspiration of High Steep Floating Mountains are inspired from this Location.aves and Rural Landscapes

There are almost 3000 more Mountain Peaks of Quartz Sandstones in this area. This Mountain is originally called Halleluiah Mountain.

There are Five Peak Mountains, Almost 32 Deep Canyon of 2000 Metres Deep, Beautiful Lakes,


This is a natural formed site, So Under Natural Category, UNESCO Granted World Heritage Site Status in 1992.

Wulingyuan Travel Route