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Bhimbetka Rock Shelters are located in Madhya Pradesh which is in Central India, It shows the history of Human settlements in the paleolithic and Mesolithic Ages. The Signs of Human settlements in this area are said to be about 100,000 Years.

These are naturally formed caves million years ago and also Rock Cave Paintings by early man’s are found here. It displays human hunting skills and animals present in those years. This Site is Given UNESCO World Heritage Status.


Bhimbetka is 45 km from Bhopal located in the Raisen District of Madhya Pradesh State, Paintings from the Stone Age period are found here.

In 1888 a British Officer relied on the information of local tribal people saying that there are Buddhist monuments found here and ended up here. They Called this place Bhimbetka and also referred to this place as a Buddhist site.

V.S.Wakakakar was the first Indian Archeologist who visited this place in 1957 thought that these paintings are the same as rock paintings in Spain and France and visited again along with a team of archeologists and reported Rock Shelters in 1957.

Historians and Archeologists after conducting few carbon Dating tests say that Human Settlement in this Place would be estimated at about 100,000 Years.

Bhimbetka Caves Area

This is Rock Cave Shelters, There are almost about 750 Rock Cave Shelters in this Place. The area of this Bhimbetka Rock Cave shelter is spread about 10 Kms. The Rock Art Paintings are believed to be 10,000 years old. total area in 1892 Acres and is completely Maintained by Archeological Survey Of India. Most of this area is of Sandstone rocks.

Auditorium Cave

Out of Many Bhimbetka Caves, One Thing which stands out is the Auditorium Cave, It is surrounded by quartz towers and it is also Visible from Many kilometers ‘ distance because of its height. This is the Largest Shelter in Bhimbetka Caves.

No signs of Rituals or roles have been found here also auditorium cave is very broad and spread in a diagonal shape, This is the Central Attraction of Bhimbetka and in Archeology Terms, This Cave is called ” King’s Rock”. This Stands out the best amidst 750 Caves and also you can find Cave Paintings in almost 500 Caves.

Traces of Humans

The Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka are known for Cave Paintings which are of 200,000 Years old during the Lower Paleolithic Period, Which also Means that these were the earliest Traces of Human Beings. The Cave Paintings are beautiful and Fantastic. This is called as Art Gallery of Early Man.

According to the Studies done by Scientists, Human Evolution started from apes, When apes started turning into Human-like walking with two legs, Brain expansion and this is the stage that happened earliest in Bhimbetka. Scientists say that Evolution at Bhimbetka is the most advanced in the world which happened around 100,000 years ago, Whereas in Europe it happened about 40,000 years ago.

Quick Notes

  • The Caves of Bhimbetka are Rock Shelters of Early man and had early traces of the Human Race which is almost 100,000 years ago.
  • This is Confirmed by the Archeology department by Conducting Carbon Dating Methodology to the Cave Paintings on the rocks of the Bhimbetka.
  • These Caves were discovered Accidentally by an Archeologist Named Dr. Vishnu Sridhar Wakankar, When he was traveling by train while he was passing from obdullagunj, He spotted distant hilly areas which is out of shape which made him get down and explore the place.
  • Later He took the help of Local People and Visited Caves, It is known to local people for many years, But it was introduced to the world by Wakankar.
  • The Place has a Hindu Mythological Connection of Maharbharatha, Which is Bhima, When Bhima was banished along with his four brothers, They Came and Sat Here. Bhim Betka means “The Place where Bhima Sat”.
  • The Rock Paintings in Bhimbedtka demonstrated the Lifestyle of Early Man.

Interesting Facts

  • The Paintings Were painted very high from the Ground where human cant reach, But The Ancient people were only 5 ft according to scientists, Maybe they used any rocks and Climbed on them to paint them!.
  • The Paintings which they have painted are mostly Tigers, Buffaloes, Wild Boars, Lions, Elephants, Lizards, Rhinocerous, and Humans. Suspicious Animals were also drawn, But archeologists think that they might be aliens.
  • The Colors used for the Painting are Bright Red, Yellow, Green, White, and Orange.
  • Evidence from nearby show that the Colors used in Painting these animals are by Combining Manganese, Wooden Coal, red stone, and few plant leaves and painted them.
  • There are many pre-historic layers found by archeologists during Excavation.
  • As this site has experienced many changes in the climatic conditions from the past 200,000 years, Many paintings faded out especially from caves 2 and 10.

Unesco WHS Status

As, This area has recorded inhabitants at least for 100,000 years and also the Natural Formation of the Rocks and Cave Paintings made the Team of UNESCO check the criteria and later after analyzing all the Points, This being Both Cultural and Natural, It was granted Unesco World Heritage Status in 2003.

Best Season to Visit

During Winter you can witness exotic scenes and locations in Bhimbetka rock-cut caves, The Skies will be clear and also weather will be Cool. So better to visit in the months of September to January.

Entry Ticket Cost

This is Maintained by Archeological Survey of India, The Caves Opening and Closing Timings are 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM and the entry ticket cost is 30 rs for Indian and 500 for Foreigner

Tickets Should be booked online and Visit this site for Booking payumoney

Travel Route

Bhopal is Just 45 km from Bhimbetka Rock Cut Caves, So you can multiple Sources to reach Bhopal and from there you can reach these caves by booking Taxi or Direct Buses are available.


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