Suzhou is a city in the People’s Republic of China which is very famous for its 60 Classical Gardens, The City was Granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status. The City is located in the Jiangsu Province of East China. The Temples, Gardens, Bridge together all made Suzhou achieve UNESCO site status.

Suzhou Demographics

The City has over 11 Million Population as of 2020, Prior to World War 1, They use to produce silk here and almost there was 7000 silk looms and also large trade of Ride, But After world war 2 in 1937 Japanese Invasion caused damage, But again the restoration was done by Humble administration garden in 1957 and opened Lingering Garden.

Suzhou City Beauties


The City has good Cultural importance, It is a great economic market and just 100 km west from Shanghai City, Almost these are two major economic hubs of China.

The City is famous for almost 60 classical gardens and the most famous Lingering Garden. There are many Temples, Skyscrapers, and also Boat rides in the Suzhou River which comes under the Yangtze Delta River.

Suzhou Industrial Park is the Largest Industrial park and it is a collaboration with Both Chinese and Singapore Governments, It was opened by Singapore Senior Minister Lee Kyan Yew in 1994.

Travel Route

The City is just 100 km West of Shanghai, From Shanghai, there are many ways to approach Suzhou, Like Boat, Railways, Bus, Metro Trains, Trams, etc.


Museums, Pagodas, Temples, Hospitals, Skyscrapers Walk all these together made the City achieve UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 to 2000.