Tulou History

Have you Seen The Disney Movie Trailer ” Mulan”, Well it shows the Culture of Hakka’s? But People from Fujian say that they noticed a few inconsistencies in the Movie. Few Argue that it was made as a Funny Film, But history says the other way.

Keeping the debatable topics aside, Tulou is a Circular or Square shaped Constructed Castles that is almost 50 Ft High made with the Five elements like Mud, Wood, Clay, Stones, and Fire.

These are built around the 1200s, The Hakka people are nomads, Their tribe didn’t use to stay at one Place, They Faced persecutions from Jurchens and Later Mongols in the 13th Century. So Later they moved to Fujian Province in China and built Tulous with great defensive elements.

There are almost 46 Sites where Tulou’s are constructed. And there are more than 3700 Tulou’s in China.

Architecture Analysis

These Tulous are usually Circle shaped and some are square-shaped. First, the entrance is decided by the Fengshui master for luck, and later a circle is drawn around with rope. The Basement of the wall is completely covered and made with Stones and on top of it, The Building is raised up to 50 ft and the construction material like Mud and Clay will be used for It.

The Ground Floor will be of Kitchen and Dining Area, The First Floor will be of Grain Storage and the second floor will be Bedrooms for Families.

The final Layer consists of an Ancestral hall , Where ceremonies and festivals will be celebrated.

People still live in Tulou’s.


This Place is Granted UNESCO World Heritage Site Status in 2008.

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