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The Great Wall of China is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and is in the Second Position after the Pyramids of Giza. It Attracts Tourists World Wide and its Length has been wrongly calculated many times, Earlier it was reported as 6600 Km. But Recently they’ve Calculated using the satellite image, The Total Length of the Great Wall of China is 12000 miles equal to 21196 Kms Approximately.

If you can’t walk the way long, There is also a ropeway at a particular point, You can see The Wall from Top Angle. Also, Many People are unaware of the History of the Great Wall, It’ll be discussed here.

History of Great Wall

The Great Wall of China’s Construction Main motto was to border Nomads coming from Eurasian Steppe. Today it acts as a border between Mongolia and China. The Main Idea and Construction has begun almost from 700 BC and almost it had been ongoing till 2 Millenniums. There have been many extensions by Later kings like Qin Shi Huang(220-206BC) and Most of the Work has been Done and Completed During Ming Dynasty(1368-1644). The King Like Ghengis Khan proved that even a great wall like China has Flaws.

Location, Length and Height

Great Wall

This is located in Northern China and borders Mongolia and China. The Location is Huairou District, China. The Great Wall of China is a Fortification Type and almost has Forts for Every Mile.

The exact length of the Great Wall has still not been decided, Earlier it was reported that it was just 6600 Kms, But Later on Archeological Department of China, Conducted various measurements and in 2012 by using satellite images it further Updated that the Original length will be around 21150 Kms.

Still, many changes are going on as some of the walls have been going underground due to continuous climate changes happening almost from 2300, Earlier Constructed walls were Just Small walls, But the Majority of the walls have been increased to the Height of about 12 Ft during the Ming Dynasty between 1358 to 1644.

Excavations are still Going on, But the department has given the official statement that almost 95 % of the excavations have been completed and only just about 5% is left out which will also be completed very soon and the Total Length and Perfect Value will be Published Soon.

This Wall attracts over 10 Million Visitors every year, Covid has hit tourism worldwide and normal conditions are expected very soon.

The China Wall Height is 14 meters and Width is 6.5 Meters

Climate Effect

This Great Wall of China is an Architectural Wonder and almost has a History of 3000 Years. It was Built using Rocks chiseled into Bricks and was attached using an ancient adhesive, Which Archeologists Couldn’t figure out. It has withstood almost 3000 years of Climate Change and everything is Perfect. As it had undergone changes during the rule of many Kings, Due to Human Interference some of the walls are damaged.

UNESCO WHS And World Wonder

This Site was granted as Cultural Wonder and was granted UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE Site Status in 1987 and it was one of the World Seven World Wonders. Later when People around the world are given access to Vote for New Seven Wonders of World, It was ranked 2 and again Joins the List of New Seven Wonders of the World.

Great Wall Quick Notes

  • The China Wall is not Entirely Long, Only a Small Section of 5500 Miles is longer, Other miles are small and medium length structures Compiled.
  • The Longest Section is 2145 Miles Long.
  • The Length Has been changed many times as proper measurement Techniques were not evolved.
  • Earlier the Length was published as 6600km(5000 miles). But now the revised and perfect Length of the China wall as measured from satellite images is 21150 Km Approximately.
  • This is the Longest wall Constructed in the History of Man Kind.
  • The Construction almost went as long as 2000 Years and it was Inaugurated in the late 15th Century.
  • As the Construction went over for 2300 years, Almost in this time lIne over 1 Million People Died during the Construction, Many Human Skeletons and remains were found by Archeological Department.
  • These Remains were of Chinese prisoners who were punished by kings because of the crimes they committed during construction, This is Described as the Longest cemetery in the world.
  • To Attach the Block of Bricks to the Wall, Sticky rice has been used to attach the blocks and so that weeds cannot grow in many parts.

Great Wall Myths and Facts

  • As Rumored, The Facts remains that the Great Wall of China, in reality, cannot be seen from Moon, You need a Binocular lens to View it from the Moon.
  • The Chinese Don’t Call that either “Great” or “Wall”. For the Chinese, it is an Ancient History, But for World it is Wonder. Chinese Call that ” Long” and Wall as City. So in Chinese, The Great Wall is Long City.
  • The Wall Might Be Old, But not as old as 2500 Years Old Because the Majority of the Work is Constructed during the era of the Ming Dynasty between 1358-1644. So it is only 500 years old.
  • It is not Singular but Plural, The wall means it is only single, But there are many walls that stretch up to 21140 Kms.
  • The Wall was not constructed as a border to Protect from Mongols. This wall was commissioned by First Emperor before 200 BC and the reason was to protect fro Xiongnu.
  • The Threat from Mongolia was from Later in the 14th Century.
  • The Monument is constructed to protect china from far more Northern Tribes and Invasion from Many Countries, But it Couldn’t Stop invasions any day.
  • The Wall is not a continuous Line, It is completely Curved and Joins other lines. It was architected by Imagining a Dragon.

How to Visit the Great Wall of China

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