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Have you ever imagined Being in a Paradise? Surrounded by Colorful Trees, Beautiful Lakes, and Water reflecting blue Color. Also hearing Sounds of Chirping Birds. Well everyone wants to Visit such heaven at one or another point in time in Life. Usually, a Place with such king of Qualities is usually termed as “Heaven”. But what if I say you such king of Place do exist in Our Planet.

Yes, there is a Place called Jiuzhaigou, It is a Natural Reserve in China, It lies on the Tibetian Plateau and also comes under the Tibetian Province of China. It is a beautiful Nine Tibetian Villages. That place is Called Jiuzhai Valley National Park.

Jiuzhai Geography

The Jiuzhai Valley National Park is located in Sichuan Province, Jiuzhaigou County China. This is a Naturally Formed place. Jiuzhaigou Valley is a part of the Min Mountains and lies on the Tibetian Plateau which is spread across almost 1.8 Lakh Acres. It is Completely filled with beautiful Mountains, Colorful Lakes, and Waterfalls. The Peak of the Mountain Ranges from 2000 meters to 4500 meters.

Jiuzhai Scenic Beauty

There are many places to Visit in Jiuzhai Valley National Park like Colorful Lakes, Mountain Ranges, and Waterfalls. There are Three valleys which are worth a visit.

  • Rize Valley
  • Zechawa Valley
  • Schuzheng Valley

Valleys of Jiuzhai

Rize Valley

  • Rize Valley is full of Lakes and Beaches. There are almost 40% of Lakes in this valley.
  • Rize Valley is often represented as the Reverse of the English Letter “Y”, It is the Tri Junction Jiuzhai Valley.
  • This is the First Valley to encounter from the south when coming from Chengdu, Also Very Close to Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport (JZH).
  • This Valley is 18Kms Long and has Smooth curves with an “S” Shape.
  • Yuanshi Senlin in Rize Valley is a natural habitat of Snub-nosed Monkeys.
  • The Other side of the Lakeside is surrounded by bamboo forests and Pandas. Also, you can see many migratory birds visiting this place.
  • This Place is called Rize Valley because On the Slopes and Curves Rice is cultivated on hilly terrains.
  • There are many notable places to Visit and Natural beauties in Rize Valley.
  • The Pearl beach is in Shuzheng valley, The main route to Jiuzhaigou. Consists of many lakes.
  • The Swan Lake is of glittering waters in a dark forest. Swans are frequent visitors so it is named as swan lake.
  • Nuorilang lake is very famous for its multi-colored waterfalls, It is the starting point of Rize Valley.
  • Pearl Beach Waterfall in Rize valley drops from 40m high and width of 310m.

Zechawa Valley

  • The Zechawa Valley forms the Left Branch of the Inverted “Y” Junction.
  • This is the side of the valley, where it is covered with Bamboo Forests, Lakes, Pandas, and Migratory Birds.
  • The Other name for this Valley is “Paradise”. Because it has perfect locations to offer to tourists like ” Five colored Lake”, “Seasonal Lake” and “Long Lake”.
  • The Color Changes when the season changes, During Summer, The green leaves turn into brilliant red color.
  • Long Lake in Zechawa Valley is almost 9,30,000 sq km and it is the highest and longest in Jiuzhaigou Valley.
  • The Speciality of the Long Lake is, It doesn’t Dry up during the Summers and the Water source is still Mystery and doesn’t have an Exit.
  • The Five Colored Pool is a Bright Underwater with beautiful colors.
  • There is a Clif called “Magic Mirror Cliff”, It is 400m high facing Lake, From the height, due to the purity of the water, The Cliff looks exactly like a Mirror, Due to Historic reasons of Murder, This Cliff is also called as Devil’s Cliff.
  • There are Also Seasonal Lakes which are famous like “Upper Seasonal Lake” and “Lower Seasonal Lake”.
  • The Length of Zechawa Valley is also 18km.

Shuzheng Valley

  • Shuzheng Valley Length is about 14.5 km.
  • This is on the Right Side branch of “Y” Junction Valley.
  • Shuzheng Valley is the smallest of the Three Valleys and is covered by Lakes, Snowy Mountains.
  • Nuoriland Falls and Nuorilang Valley come under Shuzheng Valley.
  • There is a Lake called Sleeping Dragon Lake which is the Lowest in Shuzheng Valley at 20m.
  • The Reed Lake is 1375 Metres Long and due to the brightness of the Lake, You can see the Autumn Color’s reflections in the waters of the Lake.

Protection of Valley

Almost 40% of Species and Wild Life Habitat lies in Jiuzhaigou Valley and, “The People’s Republic of China” Protects this Natural Habitat.

This is declared as World Biosphere Reserve and funds will be allocated from the world bank to protect this place and especially many beautification works and Tourist Maintenance will be maintained and developed by the Government. This is Also UNESCO World Heritage Site, The United Nations also provides funds for protecting this Beautiful Paradise.

Must-Visit Places

The Valley is a Colorful Paradise with Lakes, Waterfalls, and Colorful Cliffs to Climb. There are many Things to Visit in Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park, But the valley begins at Zharu Buddhist monastery and finally ends at Red, Black, and Daling lakes.

There are certainly many visit places in this valley. Magic Mirror Cliff, Fiver Colored Pond, Seasonal Lakes, Bamboo Forests, Long Lakes, Swan Lake, Dragon Lake, Pearl Beach, and Rize Valley. These are the Must visit places to travel in Jiuzhai Valley.


This Place is a naturally formed Sited, So based on Natural Category, UNESCO Granted World Heritage Site Status in 1992 and the World Biosphere Reserve in 1997. This area belongs to Protected Landscape Category V under The International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Travel Route

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The Jiuzhai Valley is Particularly opened in seasons like Summer and Autumn. Some times it is opened in Monsoon Season , Because the water precipitaion in the air enchances the beauty of Jiuzhai National Park.Almost 20 Million Visitors both from Country and international Visit this Place.

The Ticket Price Per Person is 300 CNY= 47 USD.

Zechawa Valley Timing: 07:00 am – 07:00 pm

Best time to visit Zechawa Valley(preferred time): 07:00 am – 02:00 pm



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