The Kaziranga National Park is present in Assam spread around 430 Sq Km area and it is the largest Park in India, Dedicated for Endangered Species, This Park is also a Wildlife Sanctuary and is not disturbed by any Human Presence.

It is home to Rhinos, Before the Conservation of Rhinos in 2004 there were only 1600 Rhinos, Now almost about 2400 Rhinos are present. Along with Rhinos many Tigers, Mammals, Birds all of the Different Varieties Live here. This is in the Eastern Part of India. In 2007 it was declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


The Kaziranga National Park history is almost 100 years old, This Started During British Government When Mary Curzon, The Wife of the Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon of Kedleston visited this place and she was surprised as she was informed that this place will be filled with rhinos and as she failed to see many / Any rhinos.

She complained that to her husband and decided to dedicate a park about 230 sq km. The Conservation started in 1904 and later it was extended for about 130 sq km touching the Banks of Brahmaputra River.

Today the area is about 430 sq km and the Brahmaputra River forms the Major Source of Water Supply for this Kaziranga Conservation Area.

Geography of Kaziranga

The Park has spread around 430 Sq Km and it has fertile land due to soil moisture and continuous water supply from Brahmaputra Rivers.

There are wide varieties of Wild Animals, Like Rhinos, Tigers, Elephants, Hog Deers, Wild Water Buffaloes and Parasingha deer, and Fish Eagles.


This Place houses many species of birds, mammals, and also other wild animals like Rhinos and Wild Tigers, Based on Natural Criteria, This was Granted UNESCO World Heritage Status in 2007.

Best Season to Visit

Monsoon is the Best Season to Visit Kaziranga National Park and also Winter will be the second-best priority to visit this Place.

Entry Ticket Cost

The Entry Fee for Indians is 100 Rs and For Foreigners is 650 Rs, There is also elephant Safaris and the cost is charged separately, For Indians it is 900 rs and For Foreigners, it is 2000 Rs.

Travel Route

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Covid 19 Restrictions

This Place is Temporarily Closed as Lock Down is Going now as of May 2021.