Khajuraho is famous for its Erotic Sculptures on the walls of Temples, These are the Group of Monuments located in Chattarpur District of Madhya Pradesh, This is just 175 Km away from Jhansi of Uttar Pradesh. These are groups of Temples and monuments dedicated to both Hinduism and Jainism.

The Construction began in 800 AD and went up till 1200 AD. In between this timeline, many temples were built for both Hindus and Jains, For Hindus mostly it is of Lord Shiva Temples. This is Given UNESCO World Heritage Status.


The name Khajuraho is derived from KHajjura which is a Sanskrit name of Date Palm. This Place was ruled by Chandela Dynasty. The Building of Temples happened between 885 AD TO 1050 AD.

Some of the Historical records state that there is a total of 85 Temples built in Khujaraho and almost its area was about 20 Sq Km. But out of which today only 25 Survived and the rest all were destroyed by Invaders. Initially, this temple was built for Brahmacharis. Until they reach Manhood they would see the sculptures on the temples and gain Knowledge about Sex and its importance in life.


The Architecture of Khajuraho temples are mostly 8×8 Grid Patterns, The Patterns were followed for all temples and they carved those erotic sculptures on Lime Stone and Mixed an unknown material along with motor and plastered on the sculptures. Till today the mixture is Unknown.

The Mandalas on the top of the Temple Dome are said to be carved before and later attached on the Top. The Craftsmanship on all the temples is magnificent. Also, there is a Four-Faced Shiva Lingam which attracts many tourists.

Group of Monuments in Khajuraho

Temples dedicated to Jainism, Hinduism .

SequenceTemple NameReligion
1Chausath YoginiHinduism
2Lalgun MahadevHinduism
3Bramha TempleHinduism
12Beejamandal Temple ruinsHinduism
16Adinath TempleJainism
17Shanthinatha TempleJainism
18Kandariya MahadevaHinduism


The Group of Monuments together in Khajuraho are given World Heritage Status in 1986, For Protecting Culture and Heritage of Hinduism and Jainism , Since 8th Century.

Best Season to Visit

Winter is the best season and also recommended season to Visit Khajuraho and group of Monuments.

Climate Effect

This is an almost 700-year-old temple, As it withstood many climatic changes over these many years, Few Sculptures were broken and also some of the statues and temples were destroyed by human interference. The Climate effect on these temples is minimal.

Entry Ticket Cost

This is maintained by the Archeological Survey of India, The Timings for entry are between 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM, The Ticket Cost is 30 Rs for Indians and 500 Rs for Foreigners.

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Covid 19 Restrictions

As of May 2021, Lock Down is going on in Madhya Pradesh and Entry is Temporarily blocked.

Travel Route

Sagar is the only Town that is close to Khajuraho, But there are many hotels and Stays that are available in and near Khajuraho Complex. The nearest Railway Station is Mahoba Railway Station from there Khajuraho is just 63 km away.