Hampi was the Capital City of the Late Vijayanagara Empire in the 14th Century, This Place attracted Traders from Europe, China, and Middle Eastern Countries during that period. There used to be open markets selling Gold and Diamonds and was 2nd Largest City in the world after Beijing in the 15th Century. The City has many monuments.

The Fall of the city started after the defeat of Sri Krishna Devaraya in 1529. It was Richest Place at that time and Later destroyed by Delhi Sultanate in 1565. UNESCO gave this place a World Heritage Site Status citing Craftmenship of Monuments as Wonder.

Hampi History

Vijayanagara Empire started building the City Hampi which is on the Banks of the Tungabhadra River. According to Few Historians after Prataparudra of Kakatiya Kingdom was defeated by Delhi Sultanate.

Harihara 1 and Bukka 1 became alert and started building this city as a war zone in order to withstand Islamic Nation Invasion and Succeeded in holding it. Then in 1336, they built a city called Hampi for the purpose of Trade and Business and later became the world’s Richest City.

Hampi Architecture

Hampi has many groups of Monuments, Also there are wonderful carvings by Craftmenship on the Temple Walls and Floors of Hampi. You can see Chariot carved out of Rock which shows the great skill of sculptors. That Monument can be seen on the back of the Indian 50rs Note.

There is Virupaksha Temple wherein the evening you can see the Inverted Image of Temple on one of the walls of Temple.

There is Vittala Temple, Market Complex. Ancient Bridge, Elephant Carvings, and many Monuments in this Place. These Ruins were first discovered by Scottish General Colin Mackenzie.

Although Archeologists State that this place was built just 500 Years old, Locals Claim that it was much older than that, Few say it was built during the Ramayana era about 15000 years old.

There is Also a Large floor which is 3ft High and 2 ft width, People claim that it was Monkey God Hanuman’s foot.

Group of Monuments in Hampi

  • Virupaksha temple and market complex
  • Krishna temple, market, Narasimha, and linga
  • Achyutaraya temple and market complex
  • Vitthala temple and market complex
  • Hemakuta hill monuments
  • Hazara Rama temple
  • Kodandarama temple and riverside monuments
  • Pattabhirama temple complex
  • Mahanavami platform, public square complex
  • Water infrastructure
  • Fountains and community kitchen
  • Elephant stables and enclosure

Jain monuments

  • Ganagitti temple complex
  • Other Jain temples and monuments

Muslim monuments

  • Ahmad Khan mosque and tomb


Hampi has a Great History and Cultural Heritage, It was the Second Richest and Largest City after Beijing in the 16th Century. The Temples and other Group of Monuments still carry and reflect the Grandeurness of that Era. So Based on protecting Cultural Heritage, UNESCO Granted World Heritage Site Status for all Group of Monuments in 1986.

Best Season to Visit Hampi

Monsoon is the best season to visit Hampi, Because there are few man-made built dams and ponds built during the Vijayanagara empire in 16th Century, This visual looks perfect during monsoon, Visit between August to December.

Climate Effect

This Monument has a huge impact on Climate change, Especially few rocks broke and a few of the temples got damaged due to Tungabadra River Pollution and Air Pollution which has happened nearby Hampi, This was Put in the Danger List of Unesco and later as Government Of India and ASI together worked and made good changes for the protection of monument and Later UNESCO dropped of this from the Danger List.

Entry Ticket Fee

Hampi has a group of monuments, It is Maintained by ASI and The Opening and Closing Timings are between 6 AM TO 6 PM, But Vittala Temple has an entry Fee, For Indians, it is 30 Rs and for Foreigners, it is 600 Rs and for Children below 15 it is free.

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Travel Route

Hampi has many Transportation Routes, The Closest Railway station is Hospet Railway Station which is 10 km away from Hampi. There are many Buses from many Cities or Towns to Hampi. Especially Government Tourism Buses are always available.

Covid 19 Restrictions

As of May 2021, Karnataka is in Complete Lock Down, This Place is Temporarily Closed.