Le Corbusier
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Le Corbusier is a Swiss Architect, Designer, and Urban Planner. He was born in Switzerland in 1887, His full name is Charles-Édouard Jeanneret. He is known as the Pioneer of Modern Architecture.

His Design of Buildings Looks like an Art Work, Many of the Buildings or Places he designed represents Social Movements and Culture of that Era. He Designed many buildings in Europe, India, Japan, North and South America.

Le Corbusier founded CIAM Congres International Architecture Moderne. In 2016 17 Buildings that he designed around the world were given World Heritage Status by UNESCO.


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Chandigarh is the Capital City of Punjab, The City is known for its Cleanliness and beauty. The Government of India decided to build Capitol Complex for Administrative Purposes in Punjab, So he decided to hire Le Corbusier an Architect from Switzerland. Construction started in 1951 and ended in 1956.

Many Buildings like the High Court Building, Secretariat Building, Palace of Assembly are designed with utmost care. Le Corbusier was contacted by Then Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.


The City Planning was done by as mentioned Le Corbusier a Pioneer in Modern Engineering, Chandigarh City Town Planning was given to Him. After Independence Jawaharlal Nehru Contacted the Architect to design Government Complexes and Town Planning in Chandigarh.

The Capitol Complex is spread around 100 Acres. Le Corbusier is Visionary and he always represents modern movements in his architecture, He always rejected ideas of Forced Labour and would never encourage high buildings in small spaces because it may lead to parking problems and Conditions in the Future.

So would design Buildings with maximum spaces and Ventilation. He is always criticized for Utilizing more spaces for constructing buildings, But he rejects saying that people who approach with such plans to me support forced labors in the future.

Le Corbusian Contributions in Modern World Architecture

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  • Moscow projects (1928–1934)
  • Ville Contemporaine, Plan Voisin and Cité Radieuse (1922–1939)
  • World War II and Reconstruction; Unité d’Habitation in Marseille (1939–1952)
  • Postwar projects, United Nations headquarters (1947–1952)
  • Religious architecture (1950–1963)
  • Chandigarh (1951–1956)


His Life and Works on Modern Architecture has always been Controversial, He is regularly been criticized as being anti-sematic, Especially in 1940 when he wrote a letter to his mother stating that ” The Jews deserved to be treated for their lust and greed on Money”. He Also Criticized about Muslim Settlement in Algeria. All his Architectures involve symbols like Freedom, Struggle, and Social Work, Which People say that he often Misunderstands the Things which are happening around the World. He is always against the Torture of the WorkForce by architecting Less Work Space and Parking Space.


His Works of Architecture are there in almost 17 Countries, some of the buildings are destroyed due to Political crises and lack of care and Maintenance, But Many are still in Place and Strong. His Works are recognized around the world and all the Buildings which he has designed have been Granted UNESCO World Heritage Site Status in 2016. Now Funding and Maintenance are going on for the Buildings which he designed. Le Corbusier is famous for ” Five Points of Architecture”.