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Keoladeo National Park is a Sanctuary that hosts many Birds almost spread around 30 Sq Km. Birds of Different Species Stay here and it is mostly famous for Migratory Birds which come far from Syria, Africa, South America and stay for few days and migrate again.

This area is also referred to as Ghana because it has a resemblance to Ghana in terms of Land and Dry Climate. This is a Famous Avifauna Sanctuary in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. Keoladeo Sanctuary has diverse habitats like 366 Bird Species, 380 Floral Species, 50 Varieties of Fishes, 13 Varieties of Snakes.

Keoladeo History

This National Park was earlier a Hunting Zone used by Many Kings and British Indian Officers, Keoladeo is a Shiva Temple Earlier and around 250 years back it was created with Boundaries, But Much earlier than that this was a Tank and was completely filled with water which was constructed by Maharaja Surah Mal.

He was the Ruler of Bharatpur from 1726-1763. In 1938, During just one day Shoot almost 4300 Birds were shot such as mallards and teals by British Viceroy Lord Linlithgow.

Earlier, the park became a conventional searching site for the Maharaja of Bharatpur in 1850. In the respect of the British Viceroy, taking pictures of many geese withinside the lake of the reserve become a tradition. In 1938, Lord Linlithgow, the then Governor-General of India, killed extra than 4273 birds such as Mallard and Tails.

After independence, the royal creatures had been allowed to shoot here, however in 1982, such sports had been absolutely limited and as a result, there has been warfare among neighborhood farmers and Gujjar groups, and the government. It was taken into consideration a World Heritage Site in December 1985. Park is likewise referred to as Ghana National Park because ‘Ghana’s way of protecting complete Bharatpur location at the same time as citing the dense forest.


This Park as said earlier it was a hunter Zone, Even though after Independence, Few King Families use to hunt birds and would eat, Later in 1980 Government of India started this sanctuary to protect and preserve birds and different species living in this Kaladeo Park.

Flora and Fauna

The plants right here are of a dry deciduous type, with medium-sized bushes & shrubs discovered interior its forest. Some of the bushes which may be usually noticed in the park are Kadam, Jamun, babul, Kandi, ber, kair & piloo. Keoladeo National Park is domestic to 370 species of birds.

A huge quantity of aquatic birds from Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Siberia & China go to the park. In fact, it’s far the best location in India in which the significantly endangered Siberian Crane may be noticed in the course of the winters. Some of the birds which you could assume to identify right here are cranes, pelicans, eagles, wagtails, noticed invoice duck

Scientific Research

Bird ringing operations had been done via way of means of the Bombay Natural History Society, for the ultimate forty years. The society has intensified their operations, Interesting discoveries had been made Limnological research has been carried out via way of means of the Zoology Department of the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur.

Monitoring of the populace dynamics of birds has been undertaken via way of means of the Sanctuary management, The Sanctuary is headed via way of means of Deputy Chief Wildlife Warden who’s assisted via way of means of one Ranger, three Foresters and 20 Wildlife Guards. There is a distinct Research Officer who appears after the studies program. The management of the Sanctuary is below the Chief flora and fauna Warden of Rajasthan


In 1982 it was completed and on March 10th this was opened and is maintained by Rajasthan State Government. In 1985 it was declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site on Natural Basis.

In 2005 this brought about a marketing campaign with the aid of using the Tourism and Wildlife Society of India and others to take the dispute to the Supreme Court. Another marketing campaign in early 2007, organized with the aid of using an Eco-Development Committee, become an application of managed deforestation.

Villagers have been co-opted to fell and systematically eliminate the weed bushes and take the timber for themselves which substantially stepped forward members of the family among the Park government and the encircling humans. It can also additionally result in their assisting withinside the manipulate of aquatic invaders and to their eventual participation in the control of the Park and in tracking the birds.

By 2008 maximum of invading Prosopis was reduced with the aid of using neighborhood groups for his or her very own use however become starting to re-sprout. The drain and consuming water initiatives have been due for of entirety in 2009 (UNESCO, 2009)


This is the weather of warm summers and freezing iciness cold. During 1988, they suggest most temperatures ranged from 20.9°C in January to 47.8°C in May, at the same time as the suggested temperature numerous from 6.8°C in December to 26.5°C in June.

The suggested relative humidity varies from 62% in March to 83% in December. The suggested annual precipitation is 662mm, with rain falling on a median of 36 days in line with the year, in particular for the duration of the monsoon in July and August. But among 2004 and 2007, there has been a protracted length of drought, damaged simplest in 2005 and 2008.

Management of The Park

The barriers are without a doubt delineated with the aid of using a 32 km-long, 2m-excessive stone wall, constructed 1977-eighty one and being repaired and heightened to 2.6m in 2008. Owing to the dense human agreement across the Park, there may be no buffer zone.

The wall absolutely encloses the Park to save you trespassing with the aid of using human beings and home livestock, however additionally bars neighborhood humans from using sure temples and from amassing khus grass, fuelwood, and wooded area merchandise on which that they’d historically depended; it additionally excluded a populace of a few 2,500 buffalo and livestock which formerly grazed there.

However, the street from Bharatpur metropolis bisecting the Park become relocated out of doors the bounds which substantially decreased the disturbance with the aid of using site visitors. This intensifies at some stage in the iciness while site visitors come to peer the cranes. The neighborhood humans see this government-subsidized tourism as a value imposed on them of their misplaced possibilities to apply the place.

The control goal has been to permit the place to flood and dry out annually, as opposed to existing as a device of everlasting marshes. Some 15 million cu.m of water for the wetlands become provided from the shallow protecting lake out of doors the bounds, and the water tiers have been regulated to gain waterfowl.

If the wetland is at the chance of drying out completely, water may be pumped from 4 boreholes to make sure the survival of a few aquatic plant life and fauna till the monsoon. However, that is brackish and lacks the vitamins of residing floodwaters.

Two deep pools, one excavated for the purpose, additionally function herbal flora and fauna reservoirs. The disaster created with the aid of using the drying of out of the land which prompted the birds to wasteland and the weed mesquite to flourish focussed countrywide and worldwide problem at the want for opportunity reasserts of water from close by canals (the Govardhan wastewater drain, the Chiksana canal and the Dholpur-Bharatpur consuming water project (Boojh et al., 2008).

Best Season to Visit

Monsoon is the Best Season to Visit this place, Because Flaura and Fauna will be enhanced in that season, October to December is the Best season.

Entry Ticket Fee

The entry fee for Indian citizens is Rs. 75 and Rs. 500 for foreigners. Motor vehicles are not allowed inside the park and have to be parked in a designated parking area.

Travel Route

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Covid 19 Restrictions

As of July 2021, Lock Down is Lifted in some places in India, Also Few places are restricted as per timings, All Monuments / Parks are open up till a certain time. Further updates will be posted, But International Travelers better skip this season for Travel to India.
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