Temple of Heaven, China

Temple of Heaven History

Most of the Historic Places and Sites in China have major Contributions from Ming Dynasty, Many UNESCO Sites like Forbidden City, Imperial Tombs are from Ming Dynasty, This Dynasty has an influence on Buddhism, Also Buddism flourished during the Reign of the Ming dynasty.

But there are seasons for Harvest of the Crops, Ming Dynasty Constructed a Temple for conducting Celebrations and Festivals. This Temple is named as Temple Of Heaven, This Temple was regularly visited by Ming and Qing Dynasties and used to perform Annual Ceremonies of the Harvest.

The Qing Dynasty later Ruled from (1644-1911). It was captured by the Anglo-French During the Second Opium war in 1900. Later the Chinese Government undertook the Project Built Park and Opened the Place for Public in 1918.

Temple of Heaven Architecture

The Temple Constructed was started in 1406 and ended in 1420 Built by the same king Who built Forbidden City. This is almost Three Times Larger than Forbidden City and also The Color of the Temple is Blue. The Area of the Temple is 2.73 sq km and has the same Architecture as Forbidden City.

There are also Other Temples like the Temple of Moon, Temple of Sun, and Temple of Earth. All these temples are constructed in a park with an area of 260 Acres.

Inside The Temple, The Artistic Chinese work is Fantastic and also the colorful ceiling and Walls look Magnificent. The Temple’s Diameter is 36metres and Height is 38 Metres.


Based on the Cultural Basis, This was Granted World Heritage Site status by UNESCO IN 1998.

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