Mountain Railways

The Railways which pass through Mountains or Passes through lines laid in the Mountain Ranges are called Mountain Railways. India has many famous Railway Routes which pass through Mountains. There are many railway routes through the Mountains, But only Three Routes are Given the Status of Unesco World Heritage.


In India, The Railway Lines are laid by the British Government, For making the Movement of Goods Free from one point to another point without any use of Vehicle or Bullock carts, In 1853, The First Rail Route was laid between Mumbai and Thane. The Railways soon became popular and also started its commercial service by making Passengers reach the destination within a certain Time Limit.

Usually, Mountain Ranges are famous for the Production of any fruits, Spices, and Vegetables. Like Manali is famous for Apple Production, Niligir’s Famous for Tea and Coffee Production. So, In order to cultivate and harvest crops and to bring load from top to bottom, During the early 20th Century British Government laid few tracks in the Mountains for Transportation and it’s still being used.

But, Later on, as the World is Free from Many Countries, The Train Route traveling became a beautiful way of transportation for sightseeing. The government of India decided to make it as a Tourism Special, So many of the Railways which are meter gauge are still being continued to Give great experience for Tourists. Mountain Railways are most popular in Sikkim, Manali, OOTY.

Mountain Railway Routes

All These Mountain Railways look like Toy Trains and are just 5 ft 6 inches Broad Guage lines. They are in blue and white color with open doors and also go with slow speed compared to passenger train Because Tourists should experience the beauty of valleys.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railways

Darjeeling Himalayan Railways operate on a 2ft Narrow Guage line, It is operated by Indian Railways. The line is 88Kms and operates between Siliguri and Darjeeling. This is a famous summer spot, Many Tourists visit here during the summer season. It was built between 1879 and 1881. Its elevation starts at 100m in Siliguri and Rises to 2700m in Darjeeling. The Station starts at New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling.

Kalka Shimla Railway

The Kalka Shimla Railway is between Kalka and Shimla. It is approximately 96 km and it became a Summer Capital for the British in 1864. This is also a narrow Guage railway and also served as headquarters for British Army. It was constructed in 1898 and Completed in 1903. It has 103 Tunnels and 864 Bridges.

Niligiri Mountain Railways

The Niligiri Mountain Railways is known for the Famous Udagamandalam Railway Station. This is 46 Km long and a Metre Guage Railway Line. Connects Mettupalayam to OOTY. Many Film Shoots happen here. Tourists visit this place in Monsoon and Summer. It was constructed in 1908.


Almost Three Railway Lines in India were granted World Heritage Site status by UNESCO. Darjeeling Himalayan Railways was given status in 1999. Kalka Shimla Railway was granted in 2008 and the Niligiri Mountain Railways in 2005.

Best Season to Visit

Winters and Monsoon, Between months of August to January, Best Time to Travel in Mountain Railways of India.

Train Ticket Rate

Ticket Fares are 30 For General and 205 for AC.

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