Humayuns tomb

There are Many Monuments in the basket of Mughals Architecture and one among them is the “Humayun’s Tomb” which was constructed in 1558 by his First Wife and Empress Bega Begum, It was commissioned by her and designed by his son Mirak Mirza Ghiyas, Sayyid Muhammad.

Also, Many other Persian Architects worked for this tomb, All these architects were chosen by Bega Begum. It was the First Garden Tomb Constructed in the Indian Subcontinent. This is located in the Nizamuddin East near Delhi.

In this place, There are many other tombs other than Humayun’s Tomb, Many Tombs belonging to the Mughal Empires clans like Jahandar Shah, Farrukhsiyar, Rafi Ul-Darjat, Rafi Ud-Daulat, Muhammad Kam Bakhsh, and Alamgir II. It was granted UNESCO World Heritage Site Status in 1993.


Initially, This is was not Humayun’s Tomb. After Humayun’s Death on January 27th, 1556 he was first Buried in Purana Qila, Delhi. Later it was taken to Punjab by khanjar Beg. It was looked after by Akbar, The Son of Emperor Humayun, He regularly Visited this Place till 1571 completion of Humayun’s Tomb.

Bega Begum asked her people to search for a site near Yamuna River and Found this Place, She Commissioned this site in 1558, The Construction started in 1565 and Completed in 1571.

Humayun’s Tomb Architecture

The Architecture is of Indo Islamic Architecture, Also Typical Mughal Architecture where you seen blocks built using Red Sandstone and Marble. Architects from Persia arrived here to construct this Tomb.


Humayun Tomb is of Mughal Architecture and has very good Cultural Importance, So based on Cultural Category it was Granted UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993.

Climate Effect

This Tomb is on the banks of the Yamuna River, The Water Pollution and the Gases which it releases caused Slight damage like Color fading, etc.

Entry Ticket Fee

Entry Fee for SAARC Nations is 35 Rs and 550 for NON SAARC Countries.

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Travel Route

Qutub Minar is in Delhi, Which is the Capital City of India. There are plenty of other ways of Transportation to reach this place and also there is also a direct metro station to Qutub Minar.

Covid 19 Restrictions

There is on Going Lock Down, Temperoraily this place is closed for Visiting.