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Nalanda is located in Bihar and is 95 km away from the city of Patna, The Site is popularly known for Ancient Nalanda University, Where they had many educational institutions like Libraries, Study Rooms and it attracted scholars from many South East Asian Countries like Korea, Japan, China about 1500 Years ago .

Also many inscriptions which were written in Chinese and Korean are also Found here, This University was built about approximately 2500 years old according to some historians and this places is given UNESCO World Heritage Site Status.


The Univerisity of Nalanda was built around 400AD by King Kumaragupta 1, This University flourished under the Gupta empire, When the Gupta empire adopted Buddhism, They wanted to build something which would benefit the World, So Kumaragupta decided to build a knowledge hub in the form of University.

The University Started functioning from 400AD and ran successfully till 800 years until when it was ransacked by Bhaktiyar Khilki, An Islamic King from Turkey who Invaded India and killed many Buddhist Monks.


The Architecture of Nalanda University is very Unique, It was built with Bricks of very large size, Also in Length and Width, Many Stupas were built, and also Monastries for Monks, Libraries, Halls with High Walls were built. There used to be many more buildings.

But many were destroyed due to later invasions by other country kings, Now the present-day remains are only about 1 Km whereas, Earlier the Area used to be 10 Km as said by the ASI. It is spread around 30 acres.

King’s rule and Fall

Kumaragupta 1 from (415-455 AD) ruled this place followed by his successors Buddhagupta and Bramaditya by building many monasteries and statues of Buddha from the 5th Century to the 8th Century, From 8th Century The Palas Empire took over this place and expanded the Empire.

But the Fall started from this era, Because Buddism started showing decline due to Growing Bhakti movement in Hinduism, It came to end in the 13th Century when Khilji an Islamic Clerick invaded Nalanda and Destroyed the Place, The Place is now in Ruins.


This Place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, So it has all the advantages of attracting tourists from World Wide, There are Many Monuments in Nalanda Mahavihara to Visit, Like Memorials, Arts and Culture Museum, and Ruin Sites. Nalanda is Completely a Buddhist Tourism Spot.

Nalanda Archeological Museum

This Museum was opened in 1917, During British India, They display artifacts of ancient Buddhist antiques, Unearthened at Nalanda, This is now currently maintained by the Archeological Survey of India.

Xuanzang Memorial Hall

Xuanzang is a Buddhist Monk and was a follower of Buddha, This Memorial Hall is dedicated to him, This is an Indian and Chinese Undertaking as an honor to Monk.

Nalanda Multimedia Museum

Nalanda Museum Showcases the History of Nalanda in 3-D.

Nava Nalandha Mahavihara

This University is Renovated and was established in 1951 by the First President of India, Rajendra Prasad, To Revive ancient Buddist Culture and Education. It became a Deemed to be University in 2006.


Nalanda Mahavihara was granted World Heritage Site Status in 2016, Based on the Cultural and Heritage of Buddhist Culture.

Best Season To Visit

Monsoon and Winter are the best seasons to Visit.

Entry Fee

Entry Ticket for Indians is 15 Rs and For Foreigners ins 200, Separate charges for Video and Photo. Timings are from 6 AM TO 5:30 PM.

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Travel Route

Patna is the Capital City and just 80kms to Nalanda Mahavihara, You’ll have Train and Bus Facilities to Patna, From there Cabs, Buses and Tourism Buses are available to Nalanda Mahavihara.

Covid 19 Restrictions

As of May 2021, Lock Down is going on in India, As Cases are increasing day by day. This Place is Temporarily Closed Now.