Nanda Devi


Everyone around the world is aware of Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands, Where Different Types of Colors and Variety of Tulip Flowers are spread around acres and acres of Land, These are the Valley of Flowers in the Netherlands.

But India has such kind of Valley of Flowers earlier than the Netherlands and it is spread in between the Valleys. The Name of the Peak is Nanda Devi Peak which is 8000m and the entire Park Lies above the Sea Level of 3500m. This Park is Situated in Uttarakhand State and it was granted the status of World Heritage Site in 1988 by UNESCO.

Nanda Devi Geography

This is a Natural Park and the Flora and Fauna in this park are created naturally and not man-made like Keukenhof Gardens, These Flowers evolved naturally from the Valley of Himalayas and spread around 5200 Sq Km.

There were earlier attempts by British India to explore this place, But due to lack of equipment they couldn’t reach there and it was a failed attempt in 1888 and all other attempts in 1923 were also a failure. But in 1934 a Successful explore by Eric Shipton and H.W Shilton was recorded and from than the team was set up to explore this beautiful valley.

From these valleys, the Rishiganga River flows and you can see a wide variety of Plants, Flora, Fauna, and also a different variety of animals here. This park was opened in 1986 and was renamed Nanda Devi Valley of National Park.

Best Season to Visit

Summer is the best season to Visit Nanda Devi National Park. Because the Valley of Flowers will be clearly visible in summer.


This Place is maintained and developed now by Uttarakhand State Government, The Park was opened in 1986 and It was Granted UNESCO World Heritage Site Status in 1988.

Climate Change

Climate Change is being witnessed around the world, Due to Climate change few Mountains Usually used to covered heavily by Snow, Now the snowfall is quite low and Landslides have happened.

Nanda Devi Entry Ticket Cost

There is no Ticket Fee, You have to Trek Mountains, Before that you must have a Health Check-Up because It is at a very High Altitude.

Nanda Devi Travel Route

The nearest airport to the Nanda Devi National Park is the Jolly Grant Airport of Dehradun which is 295 km away. From here you can hire a private taxi or board a local bus to reach Joshimath. After reaching this point, you will have to trek up to the park for about 13.5 km one way

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