Lijiang Old Town History

The Old Town of Lijiang is a Beautiful Town in Yunnan Province of China, The New Town of Lijiang is almost 21,200 sq km area and almost 1.2 Million People Live there, It is called the Flower Paradise and there is a famous Tower of Flowers.

But The Old Town of Lijiang has a great history, Its History Dates back to Almost 1000 years ago, The Old Town of Lijiang is also called Dayan, The Dayan is famous for the orderly sequence of waterways and Bridges, Just Like Venice in Italy. It also has underground water drop tables.

This Place had migrations of Nakhi Tribe, who had great influence from Ming Dynasty Traders. They settled here a few centuries ago. They followed Mudbrick and Timber Housing Style.

The City is famous for its cultural markets and also Night Market, There is River which is called as Black Dragon Lagoon, Which looks beautiful and Attracts Tourists.



The Old City of Lijiang is famous for its advanced architecture, Earlier it was City which is planned for Transportation through the water. So they dig Canals and backwaters to carry raw materials using boats. The Orderly sequence of Waterways and bridges made transportation easy and fastened the Process.

The Houses constructed by Nakhi Tribe included both Mud Bricks and Timber the construction. The Roofs are as usual in Chinese Style constructed using wood. The Lamps are of Pumpkin Style and it is used as a decorative element during Night Market and during festivals.


This Place is Granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 1997.