Red Fort

Red Fort is the Historic Fort in the city of Old Delhi, It was constructed by Shah Jahan in the Sacred Month of Muharram on 13th May 1638 and was completed on 6th April 1649. It was commissioned for Construction by Shah Jahan as a Palace for his Capital Shahjahanabad.

The Fort is famous for its Boundary Walls built with Red Sandstone. It was under Mughal Emperors and later in the hands of British India. Every Year on Independence Day 15th August, the Prime Minister of India Hoists National Flag on Lahori Gate and Delivers Speech.


Shah Jahan who is also the One who Built the Taj Mahal commissioned Red Fort, He built as a palace for his Empire. The Mughal Emperors ruled this place for many years.

The construction started in the year 1638 and Completed in 1649. Almost it took 11 years to complete. The Main Architect of Red Fort is Ustad Ahmed Lahori, Who is also an architect for the Taj Mahal. That is why one of the gates Lahori is named after him. There are many Mahals, Chowks, and Gates in Fort.

The Owners of this building have been constantly changing. Mughal Empire from 1638-1760, Maratha Empire from 1760-1803, East India Company from 1803-1857, British India 1857-1947.


The Name Red Fort is given because of the Color Red, The Stone involved in the construction of this is Unique Red Sand Stone. It Completely Looks Red when you see it from a farther distance. The Interiors are designed in Persian and Hindu Style architecture.

The Architect for the red fort is Ustad Ahmed Lahori. Red Fort is spread about an area of 255 Acres surrounded by 2.5 Km High Compound Walls.


This was Given World Heritage Site Status by UNESCO in 2007, For its protection and display of the Culture and Heritage of the Mughal Empire.

Travel Route

It’s just 8 Kms away from New Delhi. There are Flights, Railways and Buses Directly to New Delhi

The Ticket Cost is Free you are supposed to see from outside.

Flag Hoisting

Prime Minister of India, Will always give a Speech Addressing the Nation Twice a Year from Red Fort. One is During Republic Day and Another one is during Independence day.

Recently during republic day, Farmers protested during recent farm laws and they jumped on top of the fort and hoisted Farmers Flag.