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The Sunderbans environment is a completely unique herbal surprise of south Asia and the globe. The delta is unfolded over India and Bangladesh with a place of about 10,000 rectangular kilometers and is taking part in the repute of being the biggest halophytic mangrove woodland withinside the world.

It is a delta of the 2 splendid Indian rivers The Ganga and The Brahmaputra which converges at the Bengal basin. The entire location is the country of the well-known Royal Bengal Tigers.

The Sunderbans National Park is a tiger and biosphere reserve placed withinside the Sunderbans delta withinside the country of West Bengal (India). The Sunderbans is called after the Sundari timber which can be observed in bulk on this location.

The park becomes mounted as a countrywide park on 4th May 1984 as in advance it becomes created as flora and fauna sanctuary in 1977, specified because of the center location of Sunderbans Tiger Reserve. Welcome to the land of tigers called “The Sunderbans National Park” which extends in a place of about 1,355 Kms. The maximum most efficient time to go to this park is withinside the month of September and May.

If you go to in iciness months you may see the sun-bathing at the river banks of wonderful and effective Royal Bengal Tigers.

Apart from Bengal Tiger different leader wild lifestyles species found in this park are Macaques, Indian Grey Mongoose, Leopard Cats, Ridley Sea Turtle, Wild Boar, Jungle Cat, Fox, Flying Fox, Fishing Cats, Chital, Pangolin and lots others.

Traveling to Sunderbans that’s an area of super herbal splendor and mangrove habitat, actually, it’ll deliver you near the character. An ample of factors are there to make your journey memorable.

Gliding crosswise the river withinside the boats takes you to the character stroll as you spot various cultural adventures and near come across with the tigers has sufficient to make your fascinating memories.

The serene atmosphere and comfortable halo equip you with new energy, zeal, and exuberance in your complete frame parts. Away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis your thoughts and soul rest right here withinside the lap of herbal splendor. Encounter with the colorful bees and chirping of birds will take you to the specific herbal surprise of the earth.

Mangroves are short-rooted Trees that are formed on Saline or Brackish Water. Mangroves occur Worldwide in Tropic and Subtropic Regions. Sundarbans are called Mangroves, Because Mangrove Trees are called Sundari( Beautiful). The Sundarbans are spread around 300 Kms Strech in Westbengal.

The Sundarbans are formed on the Delta region of the Ganges, It is called as Ganges Delta, Where the Ganga River mixes in the Sea in Westbengal, All these Mangroves are usually formed near the saline and brackish sea lines. The Mangroves are Salt water-resistant Trees.

The Mangroves are also Spread across Bangladesh. The Total Area of Sundarban is 10,000 Sq Km and almost 6000 Sq Km lies in Bangladesh and West Bengal has just 4000 Sq Km. This was declared as Wild Life Sanctuary in 1977 and in 1984 declared a National park. In 1987 it was granted UNESCO World Heritage Site Status.

Sundarbans Geography

Sundarbans Protect the environment and Wild Life of the Planet, These are salt-resistant plants and mostly Mangroove Palm Trees and Root extended Trees survive here.

Many other trees also survive, Usually, Magrooves protect from withstanding heavy floods, sea tides, and also Tsunamis. They Act as a Protective Layer on the delta region. Apart from west Bengal, Five Other Places have mangrove Forests in India.

The Flora and Fauna is the heart of Sundarbans, There are a wide variety of mammals, reptiles, and also animals in these Sundarban. The Sundarbans are also Tiger Reserve areas, The Tiger Conservation program started here in 1988 and the Bengal tiger is frequently visible here in Palm Trees.


The Sundarbans was declared as National Park in 1984, So Based on Natural Category UNESCO Has Granted World Heritage Site Status in 1984.

Best Season to Visit

These Sundarbans are usually near the Coast Line, But it can be Visited round the year, But Specifically it’s beauty will be enhanced during Monsoon and Winter Seasons.

Climate Effect

Sundarbans can withstand Brackishly and Saline waters, Off Late few Human Activities has destroyed few acres of Sundarban, But Later Government Took extreme steps and now it is completely Normal. Sundarbans Protect Mainlands from Floods and other Climate Changes.

Degradation of the Sundarbans National Park’s mangrove diversity, biomass production, number one productiveness and on-going ecological approaches of tidal inundation, siltation, and sediment dynamics, plant colonization, and deltaic and financial institution formation remain sizable because of herbal and anthropogenic changes to the hydrology and ecology of the Ghats.

Sea degree upward push remains an imminent danger in an effort to without delay affect the vegetation and fauna of the site, except developing an ability ecological catastrophe for hundreds of thousands of human beings dwelling withinside the site’s vicinity.

This degradation of the ecological values of the Ghats is growing and this fashion is in all likelihood to maintain with growing populace strain and climatic changes.

New research on improved salinity levels, heavy metallic pollutants, and aid extraction additionally upload to the concern. Available facts at the site uncommon and threatened mammals (i.e. the Bengal tiger) have been reinforced and the growing tendencies in the populace are encouraging.

So is the coolest file card for safety and control effectiveness that has simplest advanced withinside the beyond few years. Reptiles display that populations stay especially stable, in all likelihood because of suitable criminal safety and enforcement withinside the Ghats and exceptional breeding programs for significantly endangered reptilian species (Northern river terrapin, olive ridley turtle, and estuarine crocodile).

Sundarbans Entry Ticket Cost

As Sundarbans are on the water, You must travel using boats, So the boat price will be about 500 Rs per person and also there are few cottages and stays in the Islands of Sundarban. It Costs 1000 Rs per Head.

Travel Route

Sundarban National Park is very close to Kolkata, It is Just 110 km away from Kolkata. There are many Transportation Routes to Kolkata like Railways, Buses and also International Flights.

Covid 19 Restrictions

As of July 2021, Lock Down is Lifted in some places in India, Also Few places are restricted as per timings, All Monuments / Parks are open up till a certain time. Further updates will be posted, But International Travelers better skip this season for Travel to India.
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