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Taj Mahal is one of the World’s Seven Wonders, It is Ranked 7th in Both the New and Old List of the World’s Seven Wonders, Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan in the 15th Century in the memory of his wife Mumtaz Begum.

Almost it Took 21 years to Construct this Beautiful Monument Started in 1631 and Completed in 1653.


Mumtaz Begum was Married to Shah Jahan at the Age of 19, She was the Second Wife of Shah Jahan, Their Relationship was very romantic and she gave birth to 14 children, Aurangazeb was the Sixth Child who later dethroned his Father Shah Jahan for Throne.

She died in 1931 due to loss of blood while Giving Birth to her 14th Child “Jahnara Begum” in Burhanpur which is in Modern day Madhya Pradesh, Due to Prolonged pregnancy she had her last breath on 17th June 1631, At that Time Shah Jahan was Busy fighting Battle in Deccan Plateau, Initially.

She was buried in Burhanpur, Later Shah Jahan After returning from Battle ordered to Shift the Dead Body from Burhanpur to Agra, He Decided to Built a beautiful Mosque in the Grave Yard and Ordered Construction of Taj Mahal as a sign of Love.


The Architecture of Taj Mahal is Simply Spectacular, The Detailing, Horticulture of Garden and also The Crafts Men who carved the Scriptures and Paintings on White Marble is just Fantabulous, Also Queens Guest House ” Seeshmahal” is nearby.

Where a room is completely filled with tiny mirrors and when a Light is lit, It Reflects entire room which gives a Sparkling Look, The Acoustic and Reverberation of the Walls make Musical Sounds. The Tomb is Elevated and Placed on the Corner Instead Of Centre.

The Architecture is of Indo-Islamic Style. Architects and Craftsmen were brought from countries like Turkey, Syria, and Iran. Some of the Architects were also brought from Egypt.

Climate Change Effect on Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is on the Banks of the River Yamuna, As The River is Polluted due to Going Industrial Activities and the Waste released in the River, It is releasing dangerous gases like Carbon Monoxide which is changing the Color of Marble on Taj Mahal.

The Paintings and Scriptures are being Decolorized due to this Effect, But Due to Pandemic in 2020, The Pollution Levels came to Normal and the Decolorization Stopped, Many Attempts have been made by ASI to Protect the Monument from the Problem of Fading Color But it Still not Effective.

The Yellowing Effect of the Taj Mahal is due to Filthy air caused by pollution and pungent fumes from the nearby Yamuna River.


10 Million Visitors from Worldwide Visited the Taj Mahal in 2019, It was given UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE status in 1983 for its Indio-Islamic Architecture and Beauty of Mughal Architecture.

The Horticulture in Front of the Taj Mahal is Spead across 10 Acres with Water Fountains, Taj Mahal is Totally Spread across 43-45 Acres and located on the Banks of Yamuna River. There are Four Pillars and Each Pillar is Called Minaret.

The Interiors and Exteriors are beautifully Designed with Paintings. The Art and Culture of Islam are very much preserved in the Taj Mahal. The Main Gateway is Called Darwaza and it is the Entrance of the Taj Mahal.

Best Season

Taj Mahal looks beautiful throughout the Year, But Particularly there are Few Seasons where the beauty will be enhanced more and especially will be suitable for Movie Shoots.

As the day has different moods like Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. The Same Way certain Colors, During Morning Time, The Fog Covers Taj Mahal and it looks beautiful with the Blue Luminicent Background, In the Evening as Sunsets, The Yellowish Clear Picture gives another Look.

The Best Season to Visit will be Monsoon and Winter, During Monsoon the drizzle and water droplets on the White Marble of the Taj Mahal looks fantastic, During Winter Lite Blue Fog will surround the Taj Mahal, Which Gives a Gloomy Look.


Unesco Declared this Site as World Heritage Site in 1983, This was the First Site in India Declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Because of the Craftsmanship, Look, Architecture, and Indo Islamic Style of Architecture.

Near By Places

Delhi is India’s capital and it is the nearby City, Where there are many Places to Visit, Also Rajasthan’s Jaipur is Very Close to Agra. within a few Kms, you can find places like National Chambal Sanctuary, Keetham Lake, Mehtab Bagh.

Taj Mahal Night View

Taj Mahal Night View will be only Available for Full Moon Dates, The Night View Will be Fantastic, The Dates are Displayed below including Dates. There are More Details on the Official Website, Link will be Given Below.

Taj Mahal Night View

Covid 19 Restrictions

As of July 2021, Lock Down is Lifted in some places in India, Also Few places are restricted as per timings, All Monuments / Parks are open up till a certain time. Further updates will be posted, But International Travelers better skip this season for Travel to India.

Taj Mahal Entry Ticket Cost

Entry Ticket Cost is Displayed below, But now there are many Changes for the Entry due to Covid Restrictions Timings are also trimmed down, Tickets are only available in Online, Offline Ticket Counters are completely Closed, The Bookings in Online will be finished within Seconds, But Many Agencies have been Selling tickets in Open Market For 50 Rs The Ticket Cost is 250, For 1100 Foreign Tourist it is 1500.


There is a Special Ticket to Go Inside, Now it is Closed due to Covid.

For Foreign Tourists



Probihited in Taj Mahal

From Asiagracircle

  • Food Products
  • Toys
  • Smoking Items/Matchbox /Gutkha/etc.
  • Flag/Banner
  • Flowers/Garland and religious items
  • Drone
  • Mike and Headphone
  • Weapons
  • Explosives
  • Colour/ Sketchpen /Pen/Pencil
  • Tools and plant
  • Intoxicant and liquor
  • Religious books
  • Inflammable products
  • Torch
  • Helmet
  • Big bag and briefcase
  • Mat/Carpet etc.

Travel Route

Agra is 250kms Far From New Delhi, Direct Flights are available to New Delhi, There is also a domestic airport in Agra only services are available to Delhi in Irregular Timings, So There are Two Ways,

1. To directly reach Delhi via Flight

  1. From Delhi to Agra Flight.

There are Many Trains to Agra and Delhi, Some of the Trains Reach Delhi and Then to Agra

Buses are Direct to Agra.

Travel Cost.

International Flight to Delhi Costs about 1000$ Depending Upon the Country. Book Flights

National Flights are up to 5000 Rs.

Train Cost is 1200 Rs. Book Train Tickets

Bus Ticket is about 2300 Rs. Book Bus Tickets


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