Qutub Minar


The Tower is known as a Minaret in Urdu, Qutub Minar is known as the Victory Tower of Mughal Empire, This Qutub Minar is almost 72 meters high, 14.3 meters base diameter, and 379 Steps to Climb Inside. This was built on the ruins of Lal Kot of Dhillika, The Name from which Delhi is Evolved. The Delhi Sultanate arrived in Delhi in the 1070s.

The Then General Qutub-ud-din-aibak a deputy of Muhammed of Ghor Founded Delhi Sultanate after his death. The Construction of Qutub Minar started in 1199 by Qutub-ud-din-aibak and was completed in 1220 during the reign of his son iltutmish. This Site is granted World Heritage Site Status in 1993 by UNESCO.


The Architecture is also Indo Islamic, and the Style with which it is built was Mughal Architecture style, Using Red Sandstone Blocks for building walls and also Carvings of Islamic Slogans can be seen on each floor.

From the base, it is 14.3 Diameter and when it goes to the top it goes on reducing to 2.7 Metres. It is constructed in the Cylindrical Shaft model and from bottom to top, The Diameter is decreased.

This Minar went several Modifications after a Lightning struck in 1369, It damaged a story, Later it was modified and again built by Firuz Shah Thuglaq and an entrance was added during Suri Dynasty, He was ruling when the Mughal Emperor Ruler Humayun was in Exile.


Qutub Minar has a Cultural Importance and is of Mughal Architecture. Based on Cultural Significance, It was granted UNESCO World Heritage Site Status in 1993.

Best Season to Visit

Winter, Monsoon and Spring is the Best Season to Visit Qutub Minar

Climate Effect

There have been few damages due to Climate changes like Color fading and also a few Monuments on the walls had faced few damages, But it is now protected and well maintained by ASI.

Entry Ticket Fee

Qutub Minar is Maintained by ASI, It is Open all days

The Opening and Closing Timings are 7 AM TO 5PM.

Entry Fee is 35 for Indians, 550 for Foreigners.

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Travel Route

Qutub Minar is in Delhi, So there are many ways of Transportation to reach Delhi, Via Train, Bus or Through Air, Upon reaching Delhi you’ll have Buses and Metro Services which directly drop you near the destination.


All ASI Places are Closed till 15th May 2021, Futher Update will be Posted.