Mogao Caves

Mogao caves

Most of China’s UNESCO Sites that come under the cultural category are Buddhist religious sites like Caves or Temples. One of the Sites is Magao Caves. These Caves are also called Thousand Buddha Statues, Almost there are 500 Temples dedicated to Buddha in this Magao Caves. The Magao Caves are also called Dunhuang Caves.

The Term Dunhuang Caves constitute almost Five different Buddhist Caves in that area like Western Thousand Buddha Caves, Eastern Thousand Buddha Caves, Yulin Caves, and Five Temple Caves.

Mogao Caves History

These Caves have a history of almost 1000 Years, The First Cave was dug around 366 AD as a part of Worship and Meditation for Buddhist Monks.


Mogao Caves

The Architecture of Magao Caves resembles Longmen Grottoes and Yugang Grottoes, They are also Buddhist Caves carved on Mountains. These Magao Caves are also Rock Cut Architecture comprising of 500 Temples and 1000 Buddha statues.

Magao Caves shows the finest work of Craftsmanship, They are also painted with natural colors, There are almost 50,000 Manuscripts written about Magao Caves, Which are found later in the Discovery in 1908.

Paintings resemble the same as Ajantha and Ellora caves which are also dedicated to Buddism. The life cycle of Buddha and Magao caves history along with flowers are painted.


This Site has a cultural importance and was granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 1987.

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