Chengde Mountain Resort

Summers are often irritating irrespective of the Place, Because of Heat and the Intensity it creates. Though Many people Use AC to escape the heat, Till Today’s summer coolers are not affordable by the middle-class world today. During ancient times in India, People use to construct their homes using Pot Clay, So that it keeps the Room Cool, and also Step wells were constructed so that it stores the water and cools the Surrounding Place.

But Chinese Emperors were irritated by the Summer heat, In order to escape the heat, They have constructed a mountain Resort in Hebei province called Chengde Mountain Resort.

Chengde History

Chengde Mountain Resort is a large complex of imperial gardens and resorts. It is Just 225 km away from Beijing. This was used as Summer Palace by Qing Dynasty Kings to escape the heat from Summers and cool off here. Qing Dynasty built resorts for their emperors.


The Construction started in 1703 and completed in 1792, Almost it took 89 years to complete this resort. This Mountain area was completely transformed into Gardens and Resorts. Many other Constructions like administrative blocks, Temples, and Pagodas are constructed here. The Total Area of Chengde Mountain Resort is 5.6 Sq Km.


This Place is Granted UNESCO World Heritage Site Status in 1994.

Chengde Travel Route